A predicted ocean

A predicted ocean where society understands and can respond to changing ocean conditions

Knowledge and solutions for a sustainable ocean economy are achieved through increased access to data, information, capacities and technologies. On this basis, ocean science can prepare, evaluate and lead the way.


The ocean has a strong influence on Earth’s climate system and on our weather. With its vast capacities of water, it stores heat, water, carbon and nutrients. Understanding physical and chemical ocean conditions and predicting future developments are fundamental to adapting and developing strategies for environmental and climate change – as well as enabling long-term decisions for economic benefits.


The Predicted Ocean Laboratory uses a value chain approach to bring everyone together – from small research groups to large companies, from input suppliers to service providers. Our goal is to address the need for more closely integrated observations and modelling, relevant collaborations around the world and connections to stakeholders and user communities. The laboratory highlights existing gaps and potential solutions for ocean prediction. By embracing the Ocean Decade, the lab innovatively marks a collaborative way forward to establishing a systematic, interdisciplinary ocean prediction, and information systems to benefit society.


One Planet, One Ocean: Mobilizing Science to #SaveOurOcean

Ocean Decade Challenges

Ocean Decade Challenge 5: Unlock ocean-based solutions to Climate Change

Ocean Decade Challenge number 7: Expand the global ocean observing system


Changing the vibe to predict smooth sailing in the WTA & ETP: A Theory of Change approach

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Regional Kick-Off Conference for the Un Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021–2030 for the Tropical Americas and the Caribbean Region

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Societal Outcomes

Clean Ocean
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Healthy Ocean
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healthy and resilient ocean

Productive Ocean
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productive ocean

Safe Ocean
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safe ocean

Accessible ocean
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Accessible ocean

Predicted Ocean
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predicted ocean

Inspirinng and Engaging Ocean
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inspiring and engaging ocean