A clean ocean

A clean ocean where sources of pollution are identified and reduced or removed

To sustain life and economic activity, the ocean must be clean. Stakeholders will collaborate to identify pollutants and their sources to the ocean by 2025, remove contaminants from the ocean by 2030 and support society’s transition to a pollutant-minimizing circular economy.


Societies worldwide generate plastic, noise, and harmful chemicals. Whatever the source, these actions on present or increased scales are unsustainable stressors for a clean ocean. The critical gaps in our knowledge of the causes and sources of ocean pollution and its effects must urgently be addressed with interdisciplinary science and transformation of the generated knowledge to society, policy and economy -  for the clean ocean we want.


One Planet, One Ocean: Mobilizing Science to #SaveOurOcean

Ocean Decade Challenges

Ocean Decade Challenge 1: Understand and beat marine pollution

What does the Ocean Decade mean for you?


The Year 2031, A Clean Ocean - Steps to Success

Here you will find this WEBINAR REPORT

Regional Kick-Off Conference for the Un Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021–2030 for the Tropical Americas and the Caribbean Region

Here you will find this WEBINAR REPORT

Societal Outcomes

Clean Ocean
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Healthy Ocean
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healthy and resilient ocean

Productive Ocean
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productive ocean

Safe Ocean
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safe ocean

Accessible ocean
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Accessible ocean

Predicted Ocean
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predicted ocean

Inspirinng and Engaging Ocean
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inspiring and engaging ocean