Marine Spatial Planning

As defined by IOC-UNESCO, Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) is a public process of analyzing and allocating the spatial and temporal distribution of human activities in marine areas to achieve ecological, economic and social objectives that have been specified through a political process.


Please visit the MSPglobal website to know more about the status of MSP in the Caribbean countries.


Potential future activities


  • MSProadmap: In 2017, IOC-UNESCO and the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG MARE) adopted a “Joint Roadmap to accelerate MSP processes worldwide (MSProadmap)”, aiming to triple maritime areas under national jurisdictions benefiting from MSP by 2030. With the support of national, regional and international partners, the IOC has provided technical assistance to IOCARIBE Member States through several activities under the MSProadmap, such as trainings, seminars and meetings.

  • GEF IW:LEARN 5: The International Waters Learning Exchange and Resource Network (GEF IW:LEARN) was established to strengthen transboundary water management around the globe by collecting and sharing best practices, lessons learned, and innovative solutions to common problems across the GEF International Waters portfolio. The new phase of GEF IW:LEARN (2022-2026, funded by the GEF, implemented by UNDP & UNEP, and executed by IOC-UNESCO),  has a specific set of activities in support of MSP as a tool for strengthening blue economy opportunities including regional trainings and dialogues in Latin America and The Caribbean region.

  • MSPchallenge board game: IOCARIBE is one of the organizations holding the MSPglobal edition of the MSPchallenge board game. The game is a tool for capacity building activities that is available for IOCARIBE partners.


Key MSP activities conducted in the last years


Wider Caribbean Region



Costa Rica




Trinidad and Tobago


Key MSP publications