The Ocean Decade at Oceanology International Americas 2023: leading the science, data, technology and skills we need for the ocean we want

Engaging sessions at OiA 2023 reinforced awareness of the Ocean Decade among industry stakeholders, shared knowledge and best practice, and discussed the collaboration and support required from the private sector to further the goals of the Ocean Decade.

20230322 - Oceandecade - Oceanology
15 March 2023

The Oceanology International Americas Conference (OiA) in San Diego, which showcases innovative ocean technology solutions and expertise to mainly government and industry attendees, wrapped up on 16 February 2023. For the first time, the Ocean Decade featured prominently in the conference programme during two dedicated sessions.


In the first session, a distinguished panel of experts discussed how the Ocean Decade is working to deliver the science, technology and skills of the future. The session speakers included:

– Nicole LeBoeuf, Assistant Administrator, NOAA
– Margaret Leinen, Director, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Co-Chair of the Ocean Decade Advisory Board
– Dr Jyotika Virmani, Executive Director, Schmidt Ocean Institute
– Kate Wing, Executive Director, Intertidal Agency, Co-Chair of the Ocean Decade Data Coordination Group
– Dr Dawn Wright, Chief Scientist, ESRI


The speakers demonstrated the progress that has been made in activating more than 250 scientific programmes and projects to address the 10 Decade Challenges, and technology’s role in these initiatives alongside establishing the strategies and structures needed to implement the Decade. The panel and the audience also recognised the tremendous positive impact that the Ocean Decade has had in its first two years, in raising global awareness among many stakeholders about the importance of ocean health to humanity. Read more


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