Ocean Decade Network: What's new?

Some exciting updates from the newly re-launched Ocean Decade Network (formerly known as the Global Stakeholder Forum)! If you haven’t yet signed up, please join our growing global community of ocean change-makers via forum.oceandecade.org.


20230404 - OceandecadeForum
15 April 2023

We have been busy over the past 16 months as we completed Phase 1 of the platform, which focused on growth, strategy, and development. In just one year, we grew to 7,000 users, representing over 150 countries. As part of this, there are over 300 Decade Actions featured and over 70 groups – including Communities of Practice, National Decade Committees, and Open Groups – launched or in development.


We recently upgraded our functionalities so that there is more autonomy for network users to engage and edit pages, especially related to the Groups feature. As part of this, we have spent the past several weeks conducting individual meetings with each Group Lead to ensure that you can most effectively manage your group.


We are now entering Phase 2, which will focus on user engagement and accessibility. As part of this phase, we will be launching a Mobile App (stay tuned in late 2023!) as well as improving the network’s capacity to host and translate multiple languages.


We are also working on a Ocean Decade Network Road Map which outlines our goals, history to date, and objectives for the next phase of the platform.


Please visit our “Resources” section to find user guides and tutorials, including a Decade Action Page Tutorial, stepping you through how to edit and manage your page.


We are open to feedback as we adapt the network to best suit your needs, so please reach out to oceandecadenetwork@unesco.org with any questions, concerns, or suggestions!




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