IOC-UNESCO DG ECHO CoastWAVE Project - Tsunami Ready Recognition Programme (TRRP) Training Workshop

16 - 17


The TRRP workshop organized by CoastWAVE project staff of IOC-UNESCO on 16-17 February 2023 will introduce the TRRP guide on the Tsunami Ready Implementation Workflow for Recognition of communities by IOC, introduce the IOC-UNESCO Tsunami Ready Indicators and their requirements in detail, introduce the TRRP communication tools, review the supporting IOC guidelines, awareness and educational materials and other tools, and share good examples and experiences in the implementation of TRRP from other regions. The said Workshop will target the CoastWAVE Project members and associated stakeholders.



Event Times (UTC-5):

Starts: 15 Feb 2023 18:00:00
Ends: 16 Feb 2023 18:00:00
Attendance by invitation


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