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Les activités de coopération en sciences marines de la COI dans les Caraïbes et les régions adjacentes existent depuis plus de trente ans. Au cours de cette période, trois étapes distinctes ont marqué l'évolution des sciences marines dans la région. CICAR - 1968 : Le premier effort régional en sciences marines dans les Caraïbes a été l'Enquête coopérative sur les Caraïbes et les régions adjacentes (CICAR) coordonnée par la COI et calquée sur l'Expédition internationale de l'océan Indien. Son objectif était la compréhension des océans et des processus connexes dans la région de la Grande Caraïbe. Association IOCARIBE, 1975 : Les États membres ont reconnu les avantages de la CICAR et ont exprimé leur intérêt à créer une organisation qui lui succédera.

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Co-designing the science for the Ocean Decade

The United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) will harness and stimulate innovative ocean research, from co-design to co-delivery, and strengthen the multi-stakeholder cooperation needed to develop the science we need for the ocean we want.


The Decade will provide a framework for collaborative and participative ocean research, and support better integration of diverse knowledge systems from different science disciplines and ocean communities.

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Clean Ocean
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Healthy Ocean
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healthy and resilient ocean

Productive Ocean
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productive ocean

Safe Ocean
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safe ocean

Accessible ocean
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Accessible ocean

Predicted Ocean
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predicted ocean

Inspirinng and Engaging Ocean
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inspiring and engaging ocean

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03 Dec 2022

*Regional MSPforums*

Latin America and The Caribbean América Latina y el Caribe Amérique latine et Caraïbes Link to register: https://bit…
14 Nov 2022

Early Career Ocean Professionals invited to pay tribute to Professor Mário Ruivo through their outstanding projects

"Mário, the 5th IOC-UNESCO Executive Secretary, imprinted on the international ocean community his unparalleled professional and ethical drive. His unyielding belief in IOC came from his very early understanding of the key role of ocean science as a source of innovative solutions for societal and planetary challenges.  Mario keeps inspiring me, and he is one of those who I have in mind while…
08 Jun 2022

IOC-UNESCO in partnership with the Prada Group, provides support to the digitization of…

The project named “Let’s digitize MuMa” was awarded the prestigious EU4Ocean prize by the European Commission’s …
14 Oct 2022

Saving the ocean one bottle at a time with UNESCO

The ocean is a key part of securing this future. UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission is charged by the United Nations to promote cooperation between states, acquiring and providing knowledge to help countries manage the ocean and build a healthy relationship with our planet’s largest ecosystem. Vinicius Lindoso, communications officer at UNESCO’s Intergovernmental…

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