*Regional MSPforums*

IOC-UNESCO and its Sub-Commissions IOCAFRICA, IOCARIBE, and WESTPAC are delighted to launch a series of Regional MSPforums to amplify the dialogue about the priority areas of the updated MSProadmap at regional level.

20221202 - News - MSPForums
3 December 2022
Latin America and The Caribbean
América Latina y el Caribe
Amérique latine et Caraïbes
Link to register: https://bit.ly/3uh8Z4j
Link to register: https://bit.ly/3uksbhE

Western Pacific and its Adjacent Areas
Link to register: https://bit.ly/3Vsz3p8



20221202 - News - MSPForums
3 December 2022
20221117 - Mario Ruivo Lecture
14 November 2022

"Mário, the 5th IOC-UNESCO Executive Secretary, imprinted on the international ocean community his unparalleled professional and ethical drive. His unyielding belief in…

20221104 - COP27
3 November 2022
All events will align with the priorities of the Egyptian Presidency of COP27 related to adaptation, mitigation, financing and collaboration, and the key messages of…