Coastal ocean acidification affected by eutrophication

Rising atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are causing increased acidification of the oceans, a recent study has found that carbon dioxide released form decaying algal blooms can accelerate this process.

More information here (from NOAA) and here (from American Chemical Society's Environmental Science and Technology journal).

NOAA's 'Ocean Today' has produced a video on hurricane formation

A brief informative video on how warm sea surface, converging winds and moist air combine to generate hurricanes.

Watch it here.

More videos from 'Ocean Today' are available at 

Message from the Director General of UNESCO - International Day of Peace (21 September)

A message from the Director General of UNESCO on the International Day of Peace - "Sustainable Peace for a Sustainable Future"

Full message here.

Día Internacional de la Paz -“Una paz sostenible para un futuro sostenible”

Mensaje completo aqui.

NOAA announces grants for ocean acidification studies

Grants totalling 1.6 million dollars have been awarded to 3 institutions in the United States to study the effects of ocean acidification on commercial fisheries.

More information here.

Nonlinear shallow wave interactions may explain deadly tsunamis

"Waves can sometimes interact to yield ripples that are much taller than the simply added combined heights of their originating waves, a sign of what researchers call 'nonlinear interactions.' [...] In shallow waters, most of these unusually tall waves look like an X or a Y from above". These waves were thought to be rare in nature, however recent research has shown they are much more common. Similar interactions may apply on a larger scale with tsunamis.

Summary available here.

Full paper available here (for purchase).

Coastal sea level rise may be greater than previously thought

A new model has shown that sea level rise in some habitats (such as inlets and estuaries where river flow and rainfall become significant) may have been underestimated with previous models.

More information here.

Message from the Director General of UNESCO - International Literacy Day (8 September)

A message from the Director General of UNESCO announces that this year the focus of International Literacy day will focus on the relationship between literacy and peace.

Full message here.

Este año, el Día Internacional de la Alfabetización gira especialmente en torno a la relación fundamental que existe entre la alfabetización y la paz.

Mensaje completo aqui.

Project coordinated by UNESCO provides online educational material for tsunami preparation / Proyecto coordinado por la UNESCO pone en línea materiales educativos de preparación ante tsunamis

"More than 100 educational documents for tsunami preparedness are available online for public use through the DIPECHO project coordinated by UNESCO."

"Más de 100 documentos educativos de preparación ante tsunamis están disponibles en línea para uso público gracias al proyecto DIPECHO coordinado por la UNESCO."

More information

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