• Location:
    • Independent state, north-eastern Central America, bounded on the north and north-west by Mexico, on the east by the Caribbean Sea, and on the south and west by Guatemala.
  • Area:
    • Total: 22,966 sq km
    • Water: 160 sq km
    • Land: 22,806 sq km
  • Coastline:
    • 386 km
  • Maritime claims:
    • Exclusive economic zone: 200 NM
    • Territorial sea: 12 NM in the north, 3 NM in the south;
      Note: from the mouth of the Sarstoon River to Ranguana Cay, Belize's territorial sea is 3 NM; according to Belize's Maritime Areas Act, 1992, the purpose of this limitation is to provide a framework for the negotiation of a definitive agreement on territorial differences with Guatemala
  • Natural resources:
    • Arable land potential, timber, fish, hydropower


  • Population: 327,719 (July 2012 est.)
  • Nationality: Belizean
  • Ethnic groups: mestizo 48.7%, Creole 24.9%, Maya 10.6%, Garifuna 6.1%, other 9.7%
  • Religions: Roman Catholic 49.6%, Protestant 27% (Anglican 5.3%, Methodist 3.5%, Mennonite 4.1%, Seventh-Day Adventist 5.2%, Pentecostal 7.4%, Jehovah's Witnesses 1.5%), none 9.4%, other 14% (2000)
  • Languages: English (official), Spanish, Mayan, Garifuna (Carib), Creole


  • Country name: Belize (conventional short form); British Honduras (former)
  • Government type: parliamentary democracy
  • Capital: Belmopan
  • Administrative divisions: 6 districts; Belize, Cayo, Corozal, Orange Walk, Stann Creek, Toledo
  • International organization participation: ACP, AOSIS, C, Caricom, CDB, CELAC, FAO, G-77, IADB, IAEA, IBRD, ICAO, ICRM, IDA, IFAD, IFC, IFRCS, ILO, IMF, IMO, Interpol, IOC, IOM, ITU, LAES, MIGA, NAM, OAS, OPANAL, OPCW, PCA, Petrocaribe, SICA, UN, UNCTAD, UNESCO, UNIDO, UPU, WCO, WHO, WIPO, WMO, WTO


  • Inflation rate (consumer prices): 3.1% (2011 est.); 0.9% (2010 est.)
  • Industries: garment production, food processing, tourism, construction
  • Agriculture - products: bananas, coca, citrus, sugar; fish, cultured shrimp
  • Exports: $511.7 million (2011 est.)
  • Exports - commodities: sugar, bananas, citrus, clothing, fish products, molasses, wood, crude oil
  • Imports: $706.1 million (2011 est.)
  • Imports - commodities: machinery and transport equipment, manufactured goods; fuels, chemicals, pharmaceuticals; food, beverages, tobacco
  • Currency: Belizean dollar (BZD)

National Policy:

  • Marine Affairs Policy
  • Marine Science & Research Policy
  • Coastal Area Policy
  • Environment Policy

Institutional structure:

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