Algas Nocivas en el Caribe y Regiones Adyacentes (ANCA) is the Caribbean reagional network of the IOC Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) Programme. The goal of the HAB Programme is "to foster the effective management of, and scientific research on, harmful algal blooms in order to understand their causes, predict their occurrences, and mitigate their effects". The ANCA main objective is to improve in the Caribbean region and adjacent areas the understanding of harmful algal blooms and the ability to cope with its impact.

ANCA specific goals are: 1) To increase international cooperation, taking advantage of the existent knowledge in the region, to train researchers in countries where HABs knowledge is less advanced; 2) To strengthen communication networks through the national main offices, IOCARIBE, the work group IOC-FANSA, the network HAB-IAI and the research and communication centers on HABs (Copenhagen & Vigo); 3) To collect information and build a database that will allow to make decisions and elaborate programs on HABs and its effects on public health for the general public; 4) Increase the number of projects to identify and characterize toxicologically the microalgae responsible for the intoxications (PSP, DSP, ASP, NSP, Ciguatera), as well as the bivalves and fish species vectors of the toxin in the Caribbean and adjacent areas.

The HAB-Algas Nocivas del Caribe (HAB-ANCA) Working Group organized an IOC Regional Science Planning Workshop on Harmful Algae Blooms in the Caribbean and Adjacent Regions ANCA V (Mexico City, 16 - 17 May  2013) with the sponsorship of Mexico’s Ministry of Education. The Group published the book Ciguatera: Potential Risk for Humans: Frequent Questions in Spanish and English. The Group is also working on the developing of the Latin American portal on Harmful Algae. During 2013–2015 HAB-ANCA experts have also published six articles in peer-reviewed journals on harmful algae and participated in nine international conferences and seminars in Austria, Colombia, Mexico, and New Zealand. To improve the Member States capacity on harmful algae analysis techniques, a “Toxic and Harmful Algae” Workshop was carried out in March 2014 in Colombia.

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