HARMFUL ALGAE NEWS No. 58 Now Online Available

Link:  Harmful Algae News No. 58 Now Online Available



Call to Contribute to Global HAB Status Report.


Macroalgae, Fish Killers and PSP Events

Pelagic Sargassum risk to baby turtles in Caribbean Colombia.

A red tide of Karenia mikimotoi in Scotland.

G. catenatum and high STX in oysters from Jalisco, México.


HAB Training and Networking

ICES-IOC Working Group on HAB Dynamics.

SEAFDEC-MFRD Regional Training Course in Malaysia.



Workshop on molecular methods for cysts in New Zealand.

ICES/IOC/IMO Working Group on Ballast and Other Ship Vectors.

HAB session at SETAC Europe Conference, Rome.

18th International Conference on Harmful Algae in Nantes.


In Memoriam

Rex Munday.